Friday, December 23, 2011

New RYNO HIDE Bullet Resistant Concealable Vest for Men and Women

New RynoHide Centurion Vest provides the stopping power of rigid armor, while still being a flexible fabric which can be integrated into clothing or used in other tactical applications. We invite you to shoot it and find out! Every order comes with a sample swatch of RynoHide™ for you to shoot. If you don't like the way it performs, send the product back for a full refund! This new vest is very flexible and super concealing so you can wear the vest under a polo shirt and no one will ever no you are wearing anything.

This is perfect for Executive Protection which desire to have a very concealable bullet resistant vest to blend  so that no attention is brought to themselves or the client. This RynoHidecenturion  vest is perfect for the client as well, offering great protection with a 0 signature look giving the onlooker no reason to believe the person is wearing any protective clothing.

The Princess Cut Centurion is designed especially for women keeping their figure in mind.

The RynoHide Centurion  for Men has a 0 signature for total concealablilty.

There are designed for both Men and Women and offer N.I.J. protection Level II and Level III-A for maximum soft body armor. Prices are $599.00 for Level II-A with Front only protection. Back coverage will add $400.00 to the vest. Level II protection will add $300.00 to the vest. For Level III-A protection you add an additional $700.00.

These RynoHide™ Centurion vest are outstanding new concealable vest that offer flexibility, comfort and protection all in one.

Have a great day and Let the Centurion protect you...

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